The Internet of and for Things

April 15, 2016


The World Economic Forum forecasts that one trillion sensors will be connected to the internet by 2022 and more than 50% of internet traffic will be delivered to homes for appliances and devices by 2024. Literally anything could be connected to the internet which will enable greater communication and new data-driven services based on increased analytics capabilities. This will have huge impacts on business models as products will be designed to be ‘digitally connectable’; things will be enabled to perceive their environment comprehensively and react and act autonomously; every company could potentially become a software company.


This is a valuable opportunity to explore how your industry could take advantage of this emerging massively distributed infrastructure for information technologies. How will the internet of and for things impact cars, machines, tools, and equipment?

What impact could the connected home have on resource efficiency? Will this reduce the costs of health care systems (as patients can be monitored in their homes) and what are the targeted advertising implications?

Aside from the positive impacts, this meeting will explore the negative impacts of the internet of and for things. Such as the impact the connected home could have on privacy, surveillance and cyberattacks.


We believe this meeting is highly relevant to all members of the Digital and Social Media Leadership Forum as this development marks the significant expansion of digital and social networks. In particular, this meeting has relevance for data insight teams.

—Event Producer