The London Financial Times World Telecom Conference

July 28, 2010

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To help telecoms businesses understand how they can become more competitive, innovative and efficient in this new, digital era, the Financial Times’ World Telecoms Conference 2010 will feature a series of in-depth interviews and panel debates with global industry leaders. They will discuss how telecoms players can adapt their businesses so they thrive in this time of significant change, with discussion topics to include government regulation, next-generation networks, emerging markets, and many more. The focus this year is on the non-traditional players from the technology and media sectors, who are competing to own client turf by delivering alternative services. These new technology and media companies are rapidly expanding global players with business models that are chipping away at market share, resulting in a shift in the global balance of power.

Discussions at the conference will focus on:

o What are the key trends set to shape the outlook for 2010 and beyond?
o Will the global economic downturn provide opportunities to acquire market assets, and if so which markets offer the most potential?
o How is competition affecting the shape and economics of the industry and what does this mean for all players?
o What are the opportunities for partnerships and synergies in this changing landscape?