The Next Big Thing Is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your Business

July 16, 2010
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Jack Uldrich
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The Next Big Thing Is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your BusinessAmazon | Ever heard of self-cleaning floor tiles and windows? Or mirrors that won’t fog up in the shower? What about army uniforms that can “monitor a soldier’s health, detect and detoxify chemical agents, heat and cool the soldier… and independently generate power so the soldier can remain in constant communication with headquarters”? According to Uldrich, director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long-Range Planning, and nuclear physicist and business consultant Newberry, if you haven’t heard of these innovations already, you will – and soon. They’re just a few products in development that were made possible by rapid advances in the field of nanotechnology. The authors explain, “Nanotechnology is, broadly speaking, the art and science of manipulating and rearranging individual atoms and molecules to create useful materials, devices, and systems.” With this manipulation, products can be made with fewer imperfections and more durability, drugs can be more efficient and have fewer side effects, and energy sources can be cleaner and more cost-effective. Approximately $2 billion a year is being invested in nanotechnology worldwide in industries such as textiles, plastics and pharmaceuticals. To help determine how directly one’s business will be affected by nanotechnology, the authors offer “nanopoints” at the end of each chapter, which raise questions about how to best prepare for change in any given field. The business advice is general and obvious, but the book clearly presents many intriguing and important applications of this burgeoning field, which may interest those looking to invest in nanotechnology.