Virtual Futures

March 22, 2017

Virtual Futures presents a panel discussion on virtual reality with an artist who will live a simulated life in VR for 28 days, an academic who is using gaming to transform how humans experience the world, one of the UK’s leading VR developers, and a researcher who is using virtual reality to combat psychosis.

By becoming increasingly indistinguishable from reality, virtual environments are fast proving to have a transformative effect on the body and the brain. Studies show that Virtual Reality (VR) has been as effective as morphine at reducing sensitivity to chronic pain, it can normalise the fight or flight area in the brains of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder and VR systems can effectively induce a feeling of body ownership.

VR can be used to treat but can it also be used to traumatise? What makes VR so effective in altering the way in which our mind works? How might designers and developers leverage these effects to design more immersive experiences?


Mark Farid, Artist Living in Virtual Reality for 28 Days (@morkforid)

Prof. Pam Kato, Professor of Serious Games (@PamKato)

Dr. Dave Ranyard, CEO of VR Development Studio Dream Reality Interactive & Former Director of Sony PlayStation’s London Studio (@Dr__Dave)

Prof. Lucia Valmaggia, Head of Virtual Reality Lab, Kings College London (@lrv451)

Moderated by:

Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures (Moderator) (@LukeRobertMason)

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