Warp drive and wormholes could be used for time travel, says physicist

August 24, 2007 | Source: KurzweilAI

Warp drive and stargate wormholes could be used for time travel to the past. That’s the surprising conclusion that controversial theoretical physicist and author Dr. Jack Sarfatti has reached from his research into dark energy and dark matter.

Hubble image of dark matter ring in galaxy cluster

Hubble image of dark matter ring in galaxy cluster

Sarfatti, who was the inspiration for “Doc” in the movie “Back To The Future,” will discuss this on the Coast to Coast AM national radio talk show on Sunday, August 26 at 10:30 pm Pacific time.

The mysterious dark energy, which has puzzled astrophysicists, is actually “zero-point vacuum fluctuations with positive energy density and negative quantum pressure,” he told KurzweilAI.net. “Dark matter is the same, but with negative energy density and positive pressure.”

Zero-point energy is 96 percent of all the “stuff” in our visible universe, he explained. “What controls the sign of the zero point energy density at a given place and time and at a given scale of resolution? That is the 64 trillion dollar question, whose solution is the key to the metric engineering of weightless warp drive and star-gate wormholes.

“In addition to the visible universe that we see using telescopes, which capture retarded electromagnetic signals from the past, there is the invisible universe from the future. It retrocausally creates the visible universe in what Moscow physicist Igor Novikov has called a ‘globally self-consistent loop in time.'” (See The Future of Spacetime by Stephen Hawking, Novikov, and others.)

“The expansion of 3D space out of the past inflation is accelerated by the universally repelling dark zero-point vacuum energy, which forms the future ‘world hologram,’ technically called the ‘future de Sitter horizon.'” He points out that this is Frank Tipler’s “Omega Point,” which Stephen Hawking and Paul Davies call the “Mind of God” and Sir Fred Hoyle called “The Intelligent Universe.”

“3D space is really a holographic projected image from the future 2D Omega Point,” he believes. “I call this the Destiny Matrix Principle. Princeton physicist John Archibald Wheeler has called this ‘IT FROM BIT.’ In a sense, our reality is like that in the Matrix movies and the movie, The Thirteenth Floor. The future invisible universe reaches back in time to create the visible universe we see with telescopes — back to the future.

“The information capacity of the Hologram Mind of God is ~ 10122 BITS and this also explains why the constant dark zero-point energy density is 122 powers of ten smaller than naive quantum field theory (without considering gravity) predicts.”

Jack Sarfatti graduated from Cornell and the University of California with three degrees in physics, including PhD. He’s the author of three books, the latest of which is Super Cosmos.