Wearable Technology: Adoption and Monetization Summit

October 24, 2014

Wearable Technology for both enterprise and consumer applications promises to be the game changer in the world of emerging technologies. It is the fastest growing and most exciting sector of technology. Industry analysts are projecting $10 billion market size by 2016.

SSN’s “Wearable Technology Monetization Summit” is designed to show the likely paths to mainstream commercial success in both the enterprise and consumer markets.

The handpicked faculty of big brands, visionaries, WT developers and experts will come together to share strategies and innovations that will drive the mainstream adoption of WT This conference will move past the hype of Wearable Technology and get down to BUSINESS…the business of MONETIZATION.

Major Brands you will hear from include: Virgin, Sanofi, HarperCollins, Merck, Reebok, Nike, and more!

Tech Visionaries that will share insights: Chaotic Moon, The Human API, and The Activity Exchange

Leading Tech Companies: IBM, Jawbone, Rochester Optical, and Misfit Wearables.

If you are serious about gaining customer adoption or trying to incorporate wearables into your enterprise, you must attend this inaugural event.

Top reasons to attend this conference:

  • Develop partnerships to make your mark in the Wearable space
  • Learn the steps to incorporating Wearables into your enterprise
  • Hear how wearables can help with behavior change to improve health
  • Understand the obstacles to mainstreaming Wearable tech and how to overcome them
  • Participate in the form over function of Wearables debate
  • Learn critical data and privacy laws
  • Hear strategies to overcome stickiness
  • Hear the 5 key steps to monetization of Wearable Technology
  • See the leading trends and innovation in Wearable Technology
  • Learn from the early enthusiasts who are leading the pack
  • Connect with major players in the Wearable space
  • Gain insight to the trajectory of the Wearable world

Who Should Attend

Target Audience:
Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, CIOs, CTOs, Senior Leaders of Digital and Technology. Senior data executives. HR/Wellness/Marketing executives. VCs and investors, Innovators, start-up founders, and entrepreneurs, Tech developers and engineers.

Pharma, Healthcare, Fitness, Entertainment, hospitality, fashion, fitness, etc. Mainstream Fortune 1000 Brands

Also of interest to:
Privacy and IP attorneys, tech consultants, strategy consultants, contract manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, app developers, data experts, Security Experts