Will anyone create a killer app for Google Glass?

March 7, 2013

Google’s Glass Foundary hackathon

Google is creating high expectations that Google Glass will become a mass-market device, MIT Technology Review reports.

A new company, Augmedix, is making a Google Glass app for doctors, not for their patients. Founder Ian Shakil says his company is already testing it with medical facilities using the Vuzix M100, another smart glasses gadget coming out this year.

Google said there were more than 80 new ideas created at their recent hackathons.

Others also seem to believe that Glass will find initial value in specialized uses, including job-related functions that are done away from a computer. Khan Academy software engineer Stephanie Chang, who was at the Foundry events, has ideas such as creating a Glass app for teachers, who could be notified as they give a lecture which students are struggling.

Det Ansinn, is the CEO of a Web and mobile application development firm, imagines Glass being marketed to, say, a property manager, who might be willing to slip on a pair for his job, especially if it allows him to be more efficient — say, documenting a repair while actually making it.

Google will be hosting an event entitled “Building New Experiences with Glass” at SXSW next week.