WorldFuture 2016

July 11, 2016

WorldFuture 2016 will take place in Washington DC, July 22–24, with a diverse range of themes, including:

•    Economics, Business & Work
•    Science, Tech, Space, and Beyond
•    Global Thinking and Connectivity
•    The Futurist Mindset
•    Health, Disease, and Lifespans
•    The Environment and Resources
•    Evolution and Human Nature
•    Infrastructure and Government

Among the plethora of interesting topics:

Accelerating Human Imagination
Foresight in Government: Sharing Lessons Learned
Life Extension – What You Can Start Doing Today
The Future Orgs: Collaborating for a Brighter Future
The Digital Revolution in Motion
Techno-Optimism: New Thinking in the Age of Futuristic Technologies
New Ways to Infuse Future Thinking Into Governance
The Future of Longevity
The Future of Sustainability: Mainstreaming Conscious Capital and Company Models
Utopia or Dystopia/Work Technology 2050
The Future of Health, Wellness & Longevity
The Future of Work: 2030 and Beyond
From Doom to Dilemma Flipping: Innovation for Planetary Well-being
Techno-Optimism: New Thinking in the Age of Futuristic Technologies
Wear is the Future
Cybiomes: A Store of Interdependent, Cyborgian Life

And there will be an Unconference, where you can “explore the visions, research, ideas, and execution strategies with industry experts in this fast-paced discussion opportunity. Choose from over 30 tables and walk away with ideas to transform the world.”

The World Future Society (WFS) has more than 4,000 members in 82 countries. It was founded in 1966 and is currently headquartered in Chicago, IL.

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