X Prize launches artificially intelligent TED presentation contest

March 20, 2014

(credit: X Prize Foundation)

Call for feedback from X Prize for a contest, presented by TED, that features a talk written and showcased on stafe by an artificial intelligence.

X Prize | Announcing the creation of a new X Prize in artificial intelligence. Give us your input into the rules of this competition!

On March 20, 2014, from the TED 2014 stage, Chris Anderson and Peter Diamandis joined forces to announce the AI X Prize presented by TED, a modern day Turing test to be awarded to the first AI to walk or roll out on stage and present a TED Talk so compelling that it commands a standing ovation from you, the audience. The detailed rules are yet to be created because we want your help to create what the rules should be.

Sample prize rules | Draft prize concept. This is for example purposes. Elements of this concept may or may not be used. We’d like to hear your ideas. In advance of TED, a group of judges develop 100 different TED talk subjects.

During TED, the TED audience chooses one of these subjects (or the subject is randomly chosen), and then the competing AI is given 30 minutes to prepare a compelling 3 minute TED talk.

(credit: Swiss Talent Forum | Takashi Sugimoto)

The team could decide how their AI would present on stage — would it be a physical robot that walks out to present? Or a disembodied voice?

After the talk, the audience would vote with their applause and, if appropriate, with a standing ovation.

Next, the AI would need to answer two questions from Chris Anderson, and then a panel of experts would also add their votes.

Each year at TED, an interim prize would be offered for the best AI presentation until such time that an AI truly delivers a spectacular TED Talk, and the TED X Prize winner is crowned.

To submit your ideas, please see this form.

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