Forbes | The SAP Future Series

Digital technology’s exponential growth curve foretells avalanche of business disruption

Forbes — June 10, 2015 | Dan Wellers

The Huffington Post + The World Post | Ray Kurzweil: in the 2030s nanobots in our brains will make us god like

series on exponential technology

The Huffington Post + The World Post — October 1, 2015 | Kathleen Miles

Forbes | The Kurzweilian logic of exponential growth in the interconnected era

Forbes — September 30, 2015 | Dan Woods

PC Magazine | These robots want out of the lab and into your house

PC Magazine — September 29, 2015 | Sophia Stuart

The New York Times | How I learned to stop worrying and love artificial intelligence

The New York Times — September 21, 2015 | Robert A. Burton

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