Daily Mail | Rise of the robo-brain

Tiny flexible electronics are injected into the brains of mice to mesh with cells

Daily Mail — June 8, 2015 | Sarah Griffiths

Business Insider | A new, game changing technology can put electronics directly into the brain

Business Insider — June 8, 2015 | Guia Del Prado

Singularity University Singularity Hub | Exponential Finance, Ray Kurzweil stresses humanity’s moral imperative in developing artificial intelligence

Singularity University Singularity Hub — June 5, 2015 | David J. Hill

The Times | Brains of the future will be hybrid of man and machine

The Times — June 5, 2015 | James Dean

CNET | Google exec, humans will be hybrids by 2030

CNET — June 4, 2015 | Chris Matyszczyk

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