stories on progressBreakthrough for flexible electrode implants in the brain

Solves key problems with bio-compatibility + tissue damage.

stories on progressThis self-learning AI software lets robots do tasks autonomously.

They can go anywhere + move objects on-the-spot.

stories on progressBreakthrough augmented reality medical tool.

This system projects an image of the patient’s internal body.

digest | New material eliminates need for motors or actuators in robots, proprosthetics, more

Low-cost material can bear 3000 times its own weight, triggered by light or electricity

stories on progressCivilization: knowledge, institutions, and humanity’s future

Insights from tech sociologist Samo Burja.

digest | AI software tool disables automated facial tracking

As privacy + security concerns increase, artificial intelligence finds solutions.

making headlines | Investigating the corona-virus pandemic with AI

The best global stories.

digest | Researchers use AI to model millions of drug combination side effects

Solving this historically complex problem.

digest | AI tool detects Alzheimer’s disease with 95% accuracy

Software finds tiny differences in the way people use language.

digest | A smart-home device for health check-ups

Bringing tele-medicine to life.

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