About Kurzweil Projects & Companies

This section provides the latest updates and press related to the Kurzweil family of companies and affiliates. You can also read about Ray Kurzweil’s recent projects in technology and media.

In 2000, the Virtual Ramona Project was launched to envision the future of human-like avatars in the digital space, using remote human control of a synthetic person’s virtual presence. The technical background on the Virtual Ramona Project and videos of Ray Kurzweil’s 2001 T.E.D. conference “Live Ramona Stage Performance” and the “Making of Ramona” can also be found in this section.

Ray Kurzweil and his partners have founded nearly one dozen technology companies since the early 1970s — many of which were sold, although some remain under the Kurzweil corporate umbrella. For a complete list of companies, please visit the Kurzweil Technologies, Inc. Incubator website. Featured in this section are highlights from some of the businesses that Kurzweil Technologies still directly manages, or where Ray Kurzweil remains a chief advisor.

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