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event | TBD Conference

theme: hope/expectation of the future.

events guideevent | Future Forum

Society in Transition: effects of the pandemic

event | CogX

theme: The festival of AI + emerging tech.

event | Paradigm Shift Summit

theme: Insight + Predictions

events guidefrom: Yale Univ.event | the Yale Innovation Summit

theme: Expanding impact.

events guideevent :: Intersekt

Fin-tech is going global.

event | Viva Technology

theme: The world’s rendezvous to celebrate innovation.

event | Ocean Planet

theme: Advancements in marine: exploration, discovery, innovation, business, and tech.

event | Summit

theme: The world’s pre-eminent ideas festival.

event | Vision Weekend

theme: Under the Radar: context • controversies • co-operation

events guideevent | NextMed Health

theme: We’re re-imagining the future of health + medicine tech.

event | Tech X Africa

theme: Experience next generation thinking.

event | the Robot Fair

theme: robotics • technology

event | the Electronics Fair

theme: electronics • technology • IoT • robotics

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